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Metal denture

Replace old methods with Digital 

Professional 3D Solutions from Miami Digital

Mob: +1 305 519 6013

Fast turnaround(2-3 days) and free first order

FDA , ISO, CFIA  approved

10+ printing centers in the USA and 50+ labs in the world

Cheapest price and money-back guarantee 

What We Offer

As 3D manufacturing becomes more and more accessible, we provide SLM solutions for the digital dentistry

3D SLM printed frameworks

Why Choose Miami Digital

Lighter and Thinner

Lighter and higher elasticity than the traditional steel frameworks

More Aesthetic

High surface brightness, anti-dental plaque, anti-staining, strong self- cleaning

Express service

We are printing it in USA and it lets us to prepare within 2-3 days.


High biocompatibility, non-toxic and non-allergic for long-term wear

You can use our design or print services, which are shown below. For more services and products, please contact us.


We offer different types of partnership opportunities

Metal Copings

We have several printing centers in the USA. We can prepare your orders within short-period of time with help of 3D printing in any time.

Digital Design

We have an international dental lab chain that gives outsource lab services to all over the world. We can prepare all kinds of dental lab order cost and time effective. 

3D SLM printer

We are investing in your dental lab by providing you with a free 3D metal printer. You will pay us monthly or quarterly depending on the printing amount for each case. Which starts from 4.99 USD.



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