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Printing Metal in the USA
We have several printing centers in the USA. We can prepare your orders within short-period of time with help of 3D printing in any time.

Printed Platform
Full contour zirconia

Outsource dental lab
We have an international dental lab chain that gives outsource lab services to all over the world. We can prepare all kinds of dental lab order cost and time effective. 

Outsource CAD design service

Our highly skilled designers are dedicated to delivering exceptional designs for various dental applications within a concise timeframe. Typically, the processing time for orders ranges from 2 to 6 hours, depending on the volume of requests. We guarantee efficient and precise solutions for all your design needs.


Investing your dental lab
We are investing in your dental lab by providing you with a free 3D metal printer. You will pay us monthly or quarterly depending on the printing amount for each case which starts from 4.99 USD.

SLM printer
SLM printer
SLM printer


2399 NW 169th street 33056,Miami Gardens


+1 305 519 6013


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